business overview

We get the high evaluation of the top class under Okayama Prefecture.

" Will the product which can operate immediately after delivery with one sheet of purchase orders not be able to be supplied "?
It is our wish that can be fulfilled in the thought of the saying customer.
We prepare the machining factory, the assembly plant, the painting factory of 2000 tsubo at the site of 8000 tsubo and we are waiting for everybody's order.

The business contents

The manufacturing of the precision part production unit with all kinds that is the high technology of the world in addition to the semiconductor manufacturing equipment

To beginning with the part manufacturing and the procurements such as the marketing article ( The transmission machine part? the electrical part ), the mechanical construction, the electrical assemble, the adjustment
It has the precise construction technology which is called the origin, " Okayama Prefecture's being best " under the strict quality control and it does a consistent machine made work.

The production of the air shaft is the best of Japan.

In the shaft with the difference of one, it manufactures consistently by the origin of the strict quality control, the shortest appointed date of delivery, and we has sincerely and every day, we are doing a report to the customer.